The Neurosciences and MusicAn Overview and Discussion

Chapter 3 from Music Listening, Music Therapy, Phenomenology and Neuroscience, PhD Thesis, Aalborg University 2012

This chapter discusses the outcome of four international conferences on The Neurosciences and Music. The conference in Venice 2002 focused on the perceptual components of music and the import of musical training. The conference in Leipzig 2005 included studies of music and language, neurological disorders and music, music performance, and emotion in music. Prominent themes in the conference in Montreal 2008 were rhythms in the brain, music therapy and neuroscience, and musical memory. The conference in Edinburgh 2011 included studies of musical imagery, cultural neuroscience of music, and the role of music in stroke rehabilitation.

The papers published in the proceedings of the three first conferences constitute the basis for a discussion of research; the proceedings of the 2011 conference were not published at the time of writing this chapter. In order to provide an overview of research objectives in the neurosciences and music, the conference papers are summarized in surveys that indicate the aim, procedure and con-clusion of each paper, a total of 193 studies.